My birthday week off – good to be productive

This actually has been a great week off. I feel I have been pretty productive, which is awesome when you can feel that way while still feeling relaxed.

1. Cleaned up my room a bit, still has more to go, but so much better.
2. Loaded up all my sellable wares onto my etsy store and have set up a coupon (BIRTHDAY) for 20% off for the month of October. It would so rock to have some sales and move some items through and out to make room for new stuff and get a little cash in the meantime.
3. Worked in my Smash book a bit. I keep making the idea more complicated in my head. It was a post on Dear Lizzy that reminded me that it doesn’t need to be that big. It can be a simple couple of pictures of something and a list (or something like that).
4. Finished up Pride and Prejudice and Zombies also The Search
5. Downloaded A Dance With Dragons onto my Kindle to start reading that next. I am loving my new 5-button Kindle. It is small enough to fit into my purse, and the text really is easier to read than off my iPad. (Going to use my iPad for many other things, but start to leave the reading to the Kindle – Plus, Overdrive has made downloading Kindle books from your library so easy. Hoping, though, that if I disconnect from wireless, it won’t be able to pull the books off my K in case I can’t read Dragons in 2 weeks.)
6. Did some bead stitching and knotting, which was nice.
7. Laundry – an inevitable evil, and not exactly finished.
8. Lastly, spent some unhappy time at the vet. Zoey is being funky. She has peed on my roommates bed twice, but no where else in the apartment. The meds that could help here with a suspected bladder that gets a bit too relaxed, seemed to throw her back into the tummy troubles we just solved. So, still more to work on that. Cannot figure out why she only has peed in the one spot though. The first time may just have been excitement, but peeing the second time while lying down … that’s just not right.

Still have a belly dance performance and the last of the weekend to go. Feels good, but I don’t really want to go back to work yet. Guess that was inevitable. 🙂

-just because.


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