working on art journaling

So, I have been trying to follow along with the archived Art Journaling 101 class here by Dina Wakely. The one thing that I didn’t realize is about the paper in sketchbooks is how differently it reacts to wet media. Yes, I know it says dry media, but so? Oh… okay, I got it. Not that great.

Well, I ended up scrapping the backgrounds I had created. (Hehe, decided to leave that line, even though it sounds like a pun. I mean I dumped it.) Yes, I know… I am not supposed to do it. I am slowly breaking out of my measure it and line it all up.

So here are some the pages I have created.

I think this is my favorite of the bunch. I was experimenting with glimmer mists, masks and stencils here. I love the look. Then I added the additional effect of the water soluble pastels for added emphasis.

This was a collage sketch that didn’t use the backgrounds that weren’t working for me. (I will not give up. There has to be a way!) The guy is so creepy to me. I like it.

Okay. This one is okay, but I really understand something Dina said about grounding the image. The faces are just floating there without something locking them to the page. There needs to be something else. Also, I am learning that glimmer mists don’t stick to Modge Podge. I need to get my messy gluing done on another page and then stick it here. I don’t think I really need to seal these, since they really aren’t being pushed around by much.

Okay, this one I am not totally sure about, but you can definitely see how the grounded woman actually looks like she belongs there, while the others are just floating aimlessly. I tried not to think about it too much when I was doing it, but I also should have had something more in the background. I need to work on layering more.


Keeping up the crafty (and posting same night too)

Yup, I am actually posting something the same night I finished it, which is really cool for me. It is an ultimate goal, but I am not going to should on myself.

Awhile ago, I bought all the makings (well, save for the marbles) to create a box to hold some of the perfumes I have from BPAL. I think that was months ago.

I finally finished it. Sure, it is neat, but I think the kind of cool touch is all the marbles on top giving it a lot of texture. Of course, it is now a bit top heavy, so I will just have to be aware of that when I open it.

So here is the basic grey line that I used. I love the butterflies in the darker colors.

But here is the texture fun. I was actually surprised that I had enough sizes to fit it right.