One out of ten works – photos, I mean

So – two things. 1. I love how this shot turned out. I was trying to white balance, and somehow got the sepia look. 2. It is nice to see good things happening with me being on the Accutane. I only had to touch up one small spot on my skin. That is loads better than I used to have to do. So, yeah – Accutane kind of sucks when you are on it, but seems to be worth it so far. I have to do the low dose, and be on it longer, but if I don’t always have to wear foundation and concealer, it is worth it.


Blogging on my new iPad

Ok, so here the little girl is all tuckered out. She has kept in the fall out zone of the fan all day, and I can totally understand why.

Plus, I am trying out a new blogging feature on my iPad. Will this help me reach out more? I really don’t know, but I hope it can help on little things and giving you glimpses of my little one.

Oh, and this picture was taken on my iPhone and adjusted using the camera bag app.