Learning to go digital

first digital scrapbook page

I finally decided to take on learning digital scrapbooking.  This might be the only way that I do real scrapbook pages instead of the cards and altered items I do with actual paper.  I may even get into hybrid to include both, but here is the first layout from Jessica Sprague.  I keep seeing what others are doing, and if I am messing around on my computer, I may actually do this.  One window has creativity, the other has instant Netflix.  I might pull this off.  Well,  I hope to anyway.  Print it out on my printer in 8×8 format, and I am all set.

Anyway, I thought I would share, since that is what I am supposed to be doing more regularly than I have been.  I do have an excuse, though.  I have been really busy lately.  Maybe I will eventually scrapbook some of that.


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