Getting back into the swing of things


It’s a new year. Sure, it is April (and almost the end of that), but this is a new year. I am going to refocus myself back to my crafty self. I am going to come back to sharing with you and getting items into my etsy shop.   This is it. This is my announcement to the world. Ok, that’s getting a little dramatic, but I am going to do it. 

More to come. 

Current new craft – loom knitting

So, I have been introduced to a new craft. Loom knitting. I was never one to be able to keep my interest with crocheting or knitting with needles, but this is something I can focus on. This current scarf is so soft and the double knitting fashion doesn't allow me to overly tighten my stitches like it does when I am knitting a hat, but that is still awesome and will just take more practice.

Ha! I can finally visit the yarn stores and aisles with a purpose. This rocks.


And back to knitting. ūüôā


Not so pleased with Sew Ribbon tool

I have to say that I do like the We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy tool, but I am not thrilled at all with the Sew Ribbon tool. I was just going to add some detail to a nicely planned card. What could be harder than laying the tool over the card, having the magnets line itself up and punching the easy to use cutter through the paper. Yeah… Right. Damn. So, I have now mangled the bottom of my card, as the tool has a hard time fitting into its own guide let alone punching through paper. I thought that maybe it was the paper and not the tool, so I tried some cheap, thin paper. Nope, still the tool. Boo and ugh. Guess I will have to redo a card later.


Best intentions

… didn’t quite happen.

I planned to get a slice of pizza. They didn’t have it. Ended up eating an entire Tombstone pizza. I did add mushrooms for added protein.

Due to being behind at work, I planned on working from home. With my pizza, I never left the couch. I did catch up on this week’s The Voice.

I’ve been trying to get to bed around 10. I got distracted, and now it’s almost 11:30.

Oh well, guess I’m not going to finish Bloodlines tonight either. It is a good book though. I enjoy Richelle Mead as an author.

Zoey is still cute, so I guess I’ll just cuddle up and go to bed.



So, where have …

So, where have I been?

  1. I have been belly dancing with some awesome ladies.
  2. Started and finished watching Lost.
  3. Finally finished Dancing with Dragons by George R R Martin
  4. Getting crafty tonight

Image I was able to complete this task tonight at the crop at Craft Fancy, which was awesome. I got a bit of a late start there due to work, but it was nice to actually be able to finish something that I had planned on doing. I got a bit inspired and wanted to continue, but it was getting a bit late there (yes, it is a bit late now, but I even got inspired to post.)  I decided when putting things away when I got home to finish another task I wanted to work on.


I finally picked up a 6×6 scrap¬†album¬†from American Crafts. ¬†I have decorated the cover, although it needs a little something more. ¬†This might actually be a size that I can work with. ¬†The pages have one or maybe two photos that I can add, and then I can work from there. ¬†It is kind of my style, so with that I made some pages. ¬†Of course, what I thought was going quickly actually took a couple of hours, but it is a start.


OK, well that’s a post. ¬†Now I need to go to bed to get up and dance in a couple of hours.

New collage app


Started playing tonight with the new app Montage Pro on my iPad. Initially I downloaded the iPhone version, but then found out about the iPad version. It is kind of cool of the options for adjusting photos with shapes, borders, shading, levels and colors.

The photos were taken on an outing to the Shedd Aquarium. I love the graceful movement of them, although I felt kind of bad for the tangled strands coming off of them.

Swimming with the dolphins – a scrap moment

Ok, so I have had these photos since 2009. It’s time. So I took the photos and a line from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to complete this two page layout. I decided to keep it simple. I think it works, and it also got done this way.

I have more plans on using this We Are Memory Keepers Hybrid Album set up. I may even get around to the digital pages I have planned for some day. Until then, I have this start.