zippered pouches

zippered pouches
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Pouches made using instructions from Bend the Rules sewing. The black has the white inside and vice versa.

These are fun. Can’t wait to make more.


Cards for my aunt

So, I am making some cards at the request of my aunt. Hopefully, she will be able to wow some of her peers into purchasing cards, which would be awesome. I tried to go with a couple of styles, so that I am not just doing my cartoonish, fun style. I want to be taken seriously and have my cards purchased. I would actually like to make a bit of money back from the creation of these cards. I don’t know… that always makes me nervous of going back to the questions of, ‘Do they like me?’ and ‘Do they think I am creative?’ I guess I will just have to wait. Anyway, here are the cards.

The first two are get well. I used the cuttlebug embossing plate across the two edges and then filled in the inside gap with the layering and message.
The second one has the tree silouette stamp and has Distress Ink surrounding the stamped image, which picks up the color in the DCWV paper.

The second set are birthday. The first has the owl from Sun Spirit Studios and is on an embossed by CB. The ribbon is from Michael’s and I chalked some of the message and added to brads to the corners. The color wasn’t the best on my scan, but the orange in the brads is nice with the orange on the card.

The other birthday wish is cool, I think. The paisley paper is Basic Grey. The fairy stamp and rhinestones make this feel very light and dreamy. The ribbon along the top has the same colors and the paisley.

Next, were the two thank you cards. The first is stamped and then watercolored in. It is accented with ribbon from Michaels.

Then the last was stamped and colored in with Prismacolor markers. The statement is from My Favorite Things and the rhinestones are a nice accent on the corner. The blue cardstock is texturized from DCWV.

I have been trying to keep busy. I December, I went to a 12 hour crop at Archiver’s (once upon a time, I didn’t think I would have enough to work on in 12 hours – so not true) and I made a cool organizer from a Making Memories Desktop Storage set and Basic Grey paper with embellishments.

Well, when I brought it home and showed Mom, she said that the only thing wrong with it was that there wasn’t another one for her. Okay… so, I got another set up for it and made one for Mom. I have to say, I love American Craft’s Thickers. Of course, the ones that I put on Mom’s got a little washed out, so I am going to take a marker and kind of outline them to bring them out.

I also have started to take part in swaps over at Split Coast Stampers. It is kind of nice to make something and know that it is going somewhere. So I made these cards for a birthday swap. I also am doing a no bumps swap, but I don’t have pictures of those.

Lastly, I am starting up a pretty scrapbook for just pictures and fun (8×8). I like the idea of not always having a theme and sometimes creating just for the sake of creating, so I made this one of Zoey and her new coat. I like to think of her as the caped crusaders, the way it kind of seems to fly on her back. She is so adorable. I am not stopping the Beloit remake of my scrapbook/yearbook (12×12), but this one is more for fun.

Celebration card

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Okay, so I am going to make an effort to blog on some of my crafts. I enjoy making these cards. The colors are so vivid. I do the clean and simple layout without much to it. I like making matching envelopes, because that is half the fun. What good is a plain, boring white one.

A few of my resolutions this year:
1. maintain etsy store (now I just need people to purchase from it)
2. cut back on spending for crafts – I have enough! (okay, I will have to regularly reaffirm this resolution)
3. scrap and craft more. I have the goods, I just need to use them.

Those are just some of the crafty ones… add to that losing weight, getting more active, and budgeting money more (which really comes back to crafting) and I am just about set.

up to

Well, don’t think it at all strange that Harry Potter was the main subject of my weekend. I was so excited to get it on Saturday, that I spent some time before and after the musical Mame, which Deb’s friend was in, reading this. Then I got jokingly harassed about my priorities, when I didn’t go visit Grandma, because I wanted to read this book. My big goal was the read and enjoy it without hearing spoilers from others. Now, of course, I have to wait for others to finish it before I can talk about it. I can wait, though. I just needed to make sure that it was a surprise. I really loved it, though. J.K. Rowling has a way of writing that can make you chuckle in between tears. Sure, some of my hopes weren’t fulfilled with this, but it did really well with how it was written. I know these books will be read again by me, and maybe one day to my kids (when I have kids).

I still have more items to list on my etsy shop, but I just decided to watch tv tonight. I needed to watch my missed episode of 4400 and catch up on some What Not To Wear.

I kept thinking about going downstairs to do some sewing or cardmaking or scrapbooking, but my butt just stayed on the couch. I guess that works. Sometimes I am up here in the office on the computer playing World of Warcraft. Okay, that has been often lately, when I wasn’t reading Harry Potter. It was nice to do something else.

There is the day bag in Lotta’s book that I really want to make, and even got some cute bright colored heavier weight cotton to make it with, which was only $3 a yard at Joanne’s. Quite the deal, if you ask me.

Speaking of books, I also really want Amy Karol’s Bend the Rules book. I was reading through it at Barnes and Nobles, and really want it. Sure, everyone talking about how much they love it also helps that out, but I was good and put it back. I have been on a bit of a spending spree lately like I have money. I don’t. So… I must wait, at least, until the 31st. Then I can ponder again. I am planning on getting it through Amazon, though. No tax, and since I am a prime member no shipping… yup, that will save me 40%. Then again, I wonder if I have any coupons around. Probably not for the 40%. Must look. I can just see making some cute projects in there. I got a bias tape folder, which I hope is for the right size, so now I just need to get the directions on cutting the bias tape and making some cute things for it to go around. Can’t wait.

Well, guess I should get off to bed, so I can read a bit before going to sleep.