Haven’t been around in awhile

I really want to make blogging a habit. I do. So, why can’t I put the pictures from my camera onto my computer and post them for the sharing pleasure?

Well, I am submitting some pictures of some altered items. One is a book I created using the Bind-It-All for the first time. After that there are two altered tins. These are a bit older, but it is something to share.

Since going to the Bead and Button show last week, I have been back into beading. I got some neat things that I will have to take pictures of and post.

Oh, also, I learned of Wildfire, which is Beadalon’s response to Fireline. Can I just say that I like it better? First off, you can find it at Michael’s. Secondly, I think it really is smoother than Fireline, although I did have some issues with the occasional twisting becoming a knot. That was more my fault for not catching it sooner and undoing it before pulling.

I am going to try and be more diligent here. Wish me luck – again.

Glue Dots versus Zots

I know it doesn’t seem like much, but I do have to lean towards Glue Dots. Sure, they seem to stick the same, but for me, it is one big thing. It is easier to get at the Glue Dots individually than the Zots. With Zots having this diagonal setup and two lines going down the paper, I find myself really having to work to position whatever I am trying to add the adhesive to so that it doesn’t get two of the dots. It is annoying. For that reason alone, I lean towards Glue Dots. Of course, Glue Dots has the Dot-N-Go, which I like even better, except for the fact that they are even more expensive.