New Bracelet Pattern completed

Well, here is the Imperial Lace Bracelet pattern by Sheri Tarrant. I like it. It kind of has a bit of the goth look to it. It is a bit of tedious bracelet to make, but a lot of them get like that eventually. Having to make three rows for length and then do the back and forth thing to connect them did get a bit long. Still… looks cool on my wrist. Isn’t that what matters?


The ultimate plan – updating everything starting with photos

Okay, so I am updating it all. I took a class from April (who is @creativeapples on Twitter) at Craft Fancy. We worked on me learning to get better photos of my jewelry to help sell items better on etsy. So, I sat down and started retaking all the shots for the items that I had posted, and the new items that I have yet to post (cuz posting is a drag). Strangeness happens that this is also the time when my listings have expired, so right now the shop is open. I have relisted two items with their new and improved photos.

Next step is that I am going into my Flickr account and removing the crap photos and adding in the good ones. I often send people a link for Flickr, so that they can see what I have made in the past as well as currently. This would make me believe that I should probably put the better photos on there, so people actually see something good and consider going further.

Third step is to go through iPhoto and remove the crap ones and only leave the good photos. So, I am going to be streamlining the process with one or two pieces at a time.

Oh, and due to getting a nice interest rate of 12 months no interest, I also updated my camera today to the Canon Powershot SD4500 IS. It is spiffy. Of course, I am noticing that through the clearer photos, some of my items need some fixing up or discounted cost. Sheesh. It is always something. Makes me think about how the newscasters felt when their shows went HD and every flaw on their faces were now visible to the world. Yeah, it is kind of like that.

Bracelets, anklets and rings – oh my!

So I sat down tonight with the intention to finish up redoing a bracelet for a friend. When I first made this, I thought that the beads were sterling silver. It turns out that they were just plated, and through lots of wear, that plating wore off. I unstrung the beads and replaced those bland beads with actual silver. Not it is all spiffy again for the wearing.

Next up, I continued to work on my wire rings. I decided to try a stone center as well

as another tri-stone setup. Sorry about the pictures, but I just took them when I was done with them and didn’t wait for some natural light to take the shots in. They aren’t too shabby, but I still need more work with the making of them.

Also, at the Bead & Button Show (aka Bead Mecca to my friends and family), I picked up this device called the Easy Knotter. There is always something nice and simple about having designs of beads on thread that is knotted, but that that tri-knotter thing out there is insane. This thing really is nicer. I picked up some blue Czech glass beads and made myself a new anklet, since i finally killed the last anklet I wore. It was easy enough to make and has a nice simpleness to it.

The remaining thread that I nabbed to make the anklet went towards a bracelet. It is just red glass Druk beads, but the toggle is nice. Once again, sorry about the photos, but the idea is there. You definitely need more string than I was working with when knotting. I think the knots were getting messier, since I didn’t really have anything to hold on to when tying. The thread and knotting really makes the bracelet more flexible and draping than wire does. The only problem is that it won’t be as water resistant as when I work with beading wire or fishing line. Guess it is a give take situation there.

Guess that is good for tonight. Time to read and go to sleep. Night all.

Having a crafty evening

So, I decided to have a crafty evening and spend my time down in my basement with the television on and surrounded by my fortress of crafty stuff. I managed to put together some of my redone yearbook scrapbook pages, which I can’t load here, since they are of people and have names on it. Not that I wouldn’t love to share, but blurring out most of the page just doesn’t make sense.

Then, since it is both of my aunt’s birthdays in the next week, I decided to make two birthday cards for them, but happened to get in spired to just make some other blank ones.

(birtday card one)

(birthday card two)

I decided to see what would happen if I embossed this one with a white/glitter powder on black. Actually very cool, I just wish the camera would have picked up more of the glitter.

Here I used that technique again (from birthday card two), where I also stamped the dress on patterned paper and raised it up with foam dots. I think it looks neat with the continuation of the pattern from the mat.

Finally, I had to clean up my paper supplies and weave together a bracelet, which only needs a clasp. I am actually a bit impressed with myself, and after all that, I am actually posting these items when they are made. Who knew?

keeping busy

Well, two weeks ago was the Bead and Button show in Milwaukee, WI, which I like to call “Bead Mecca.” It is that annual pilgrimage for which we travel to spend a bit of cash on beads and tools and… you never know. Personally this year, I was out for patterns and tools. I have created two new bracelets seen here:
new weave on Czech
Lace weave

They are both so delicate. It is nice. The blue is also closed by using a button as the toggle and a loop, which is really neat and I will see if I can work this into some of my other patterns. The green was supposed to have a beaded toggle, but I decided to use a metal toggle instead. I don’t know… the whole beaded loop and bar never sits well with me.

A week after that I went to the wedding of my friend Amanda out in Boston. It was a blast to see her happy, to see her parents again and especially to see one of my best friends, Josh. Yup, I had a blast and it ended to quickly.

happy (but little) bride
Josh and I

light blue and pearl twist bracelet

Ok, so I am finally trying to take pictures of the other items have made. I decided to step outside the box, and more specifically, outside the house altogether.

I like how it looks, and you can actually see the difference in color between the blue and pearl color, which is nice.

Maybe my neighbors won’t mind me using their bricks some more when they return home. There was all the nice open space that had the sun.


Well, this is going to be my new spot to ramble on about what is going on in my life and all the things I am creating (sometimes well and sometimes not).

I think the hardest thing for me to do is to actually take pictures of the different things I am making (it is the part that feels like work) and then post them on my etsy shop, dutifully named SparklyTurtle Creations. Please check it out and tell me what you think.

With all the jewelry I have listed, I also plan on listing other items like cards and items of that sort. Here are just a couple of items that I have made, but will not be listing.

The box is a decoupage box. I am currently using it to store the different trinkets that I have made. I am hoping that it will keep me somewhat organized.

This card is made from a My Favorite Things stamp. I love the colors in the background paper, I just wish I had spaced my brads on the bottom corner a little better.

This card utilizes a clear stamp from Michael’s and creates a window using a square punch, which then has the corners rounded out with a round corner punch. I was so happy when my friend, Vencap, showed me how to use my multicolor ink pads. I have collected some of them, because I thought they were pretty and then was upset, when I didn’t have a good idea how to use them correctly.

Well, I guess I should be off to walk the pups now and be the dutiful person and go to work, which is not my first idea that would be the most fun today. It looks like it will be a gorgeous day.

Guess I am off.