So, where have …

So, where have I been?

  1. I have been belly dancing with some awesome ladies.
  2. Started and finished watching Lost.
  3. Finally finished Dancing with Dragons by George R R Martin
  4. Getting crafty tonight

Image I was able to complete this task tonight at the crop at Craft Fancy, which was awesome. I got a bit of a late start there due to work, but it was nice to actually be able to finish something that I had planned on doing. I got a bit inspired and wanted to continue, but it was getting a bit late there (yes, it is a bit late now, but I even got inspired to post.)  I decided when putting things away when I got home to finish another task I wanted to work on.


I finally picked up a 6×6 scrap album from American Crafts.  I have decorated the cover, although it needs a little something more.  This might actually be a size that I can work with.  The pages have one or maybe two photos that I can add, and then I can work from there.  It is kind of my style, so with that I made some pages.  Of course, what I thought was going quickly actually took a couple of hours, but it is a start.


OK, well that’s a post.  Now I need to go to bed to get up and dance in a couple of hours.


Bracelets, anklets and rings – oh my!

So I sat down tonight with the intention to finish up redoing a bracelet for a friend. When I first made this, I thought that the beads were sterling silver. It turns out that they were just plated, and through lots of wear, that plating wore off. I unstrung the beads and replaced those bland beads with actual silver. Not it is all spiffy again for the wearing.

Next up, I continued to work on my wire rings. I decided to try a stone center as well

as another tri-stone setup. Sorry about the pictures, but I just took them when I was done with them and didn’t wait for some natural light to take the shots in. They aren’t too shabby, but I still need more work with the making of them.

Also, at the Bead & Button Show (aka Bead Mecca to my friends and family), I picked up this device called the Easy Knotter. There is always something nice and simple about having designs of beads on thread that is knotted, but that that tri-knotter thing out there is insane. This thing really is nicer. I picked up some blue Czech glass beads and made myself a new anklet, since i finally killed the last anklet I wore. It was easy enough to make and has a nice simpleness to it.

The remaining thread that I nabbed to make the anklet went towards a bracelet. It is just red glass Druk beads, but the toggle is nice. Once again, sorry about the photos, but the idea is there. You definitely need more string than I was working with when knotting. I think the knots were getting messier, since I didn’t really have anything to hold on to when tying. The thread and knotting really makes the bracelet more flexible and draping than wire does. The only problem is that it won’t be as water resistant as when I work with beading wire or fishing line. Guess it is a give take situation there.

Guess that is good for tonight. Time to read and go to sleep. Night all.

Two new rings

I actually sat down and worked on some rings tonight. I tried to alter the pattern a bit and didn’t include the spacers that were used in the kit that I used to learn. I made them both from art wire and Czech glass beads. I would say that they are just learning, but I think that they turned out well enough that they may just make into the collection that is sell worthy.

Yup, it is nice being crafty. It would be even better if there was some air movement in my room. Oh well, we can’t have it all.

up to

Well, don’t think it at all strange that Harry Potter was the main subject of my weekend. I was so excited to get it on Saturday, that I spent some time before and after the musical Mame, which Deb’s friend was in, reading this. Then I got jokingly harassed about my priorities, when I didn’t go visit Grandma, because I wanted to read this book. My big goal was the read and enjoy it without hearing spoilers from others. Now, of course, I have to wait for others to finish it before I can talk about it. I can wait, though. I just needed to make sure that it was a surprise. I really loved it, though. J.K. Rowling has a way of writing that can make you chuckle in between tears. Sure, some of my hopes weren’t fulfilled with this, but it did really well with how it was written. I know these books will be read again by me, and maybe one day to my kids (when I have kids).

I still have more items to list on my etsy shop, but I just decided to watch tv tonight. I needed to watch my missed episode of 4400 and catch up on some What Not To Wear.

I kept thinking about going downstairs to do some sewing or cardmaking or scrapbooking, but my butt just stayed on the couch. I guess that works. Sometimes I am up here in the office on the computer playing World of Warcraft. Okay, that has been often lately, when I wasn’t reading Harry Potter. It was nice to do something else.

There is the day bag in Lotta’s book that I really want to make, and even got some cute bright colored heavier weight cotton to make it with, which was only $3 a yard at Joanne’s. Quite the deal, if you ask me.

Speaking of books, I also really want Amy Karol’s Bend the Rules book. I was reading through it at Barnes and Nobles, and really want it. Sure, everyone talking about how much they love it also helps that out, but I was good and put it back. I have been on a bit of a spending spree lately like I have money. I don’t. So… I must wait, at least, until the 31st. Then I can ponder again. I am planning on getting it through Amazon, though. No tax, and since I am a prime member no shipping… yup, that will save me 40%. Then again, I wonder if I have any coupons around. Probably not for the 40%. Must look. I can just see making some cute projects in there. I got a bias tape folder, which I hope is for the right size, so now I just need to get the directions on cutting the bias tape and making some cute things for it to go around. Can’t wait.

Well, guess I should get off to bed, so I can read a bit before going to sleep.