Trying to keep up with the pace

I don’t want to make a pace or anything for my crafting, but I am trying to create a behavior. So here I am on another day of working in the craft room and making something. The crazy part is that it is actually something I purchased at this year’s Bead and Button show. Why is that crazy? Because I have some baggies and items that I purchased last year that I have yet to use.

So here it is:


Crystal Necklace

The pieces are from Barton Crystals. Here is her etsy shop.

Nice and simple to put together. If you think of attempting it, I do recommend using a nylon pliers to close the prongs. I have cracked these kind of crystals before with just standard pliers.

Maybe someday I will try and commit to a 30 for 30 like Caitlin or a shocking 100 day craft challenge like April Bern. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. First (or now second) start, make something and share it. Heck, step that up, make something for the shop, photograph it and load it. I have all the parts. I just need to put them together.


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