April’s Project Life

So along with everything else I try to work on, I like documenting things with Project Life. I subscribe to Studio Calico’s subscription service, which is pretty cool and gives me cards and embellishments that matches each month. Originally, I liked this because it helped keep me from over buying for my Project Life habit. Now I also like I for the colors and patterns along with some speciality items for the month. This is the Lisse Kit for April. I also work in the 6×8 format, since I was a little overwhelmed by the 12×12 format but, as I am almost full with the one book and only halfway through the year, I may try out the new 9×12 size next year.

This was the first page. I liked the big April lettering and was happy that there was a cool card to use as a background.

I put two cards on a 4×6 blank card to allow me to use two 3×4 cards for each. I know I have the plastic sheets for four 3×4 cards. I just can’t currently find them. These shots were for our anniversary dinner out.

I think I found a way to use these overlays. They seem to work well.

I finished two books this month. The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead and Ghost Story by Jim Butcher. I also am trying to learn more about hand lettering. I am definitely a fan of what I see on Instagram, but this is going to take awhile I think.

This was a page of things I love. We danced at a assisted living place. They are a frequent crowd for us, and even though I have been a bit overwhelmed lately, it was nice to have some familiar faces. Plus, they always let us know that they enjoy us there, but are happy to get to bingo just after our show too. Also, love being able to document a rainbow on a card that includes rainbows. That’s my gorgeous and awesome mom, and my husband with three screens in front of him. That cracked me up.

I didn’t have too many photos to finish up April, so I took the time to use my new Fuse tool. That things is pretty cool, and now I can consider using shaker pockets.

Other side with cute puppies.


Hope you had a happy April!










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