Working in a planner 


So I have found that I do benefit from having a hands on method of managing my finances, diet, excercise or just planning of the daily schedule. Sometimes an online management is enough and works (or would if it was used regularly like my diet method), but other times there is a desire and need to actually look at the plan and write it down. If you are going to write it down, then why not use a planner. 

There is such a craze out there for different kinds of planners. Some have enough space and detail if you are managing a family.  Others have only a little space for that and give you budgeting and notes space.  Some have a lot of color and others are very plain.  Some are really expensive and some are pretty cheap. I was aiming at something in the middle of it all. 

For my first try, I purchased Papertrey Inks: Moments Inked planner. I liked the price and the colors.  I like some of the dies and the stamps that can go along with it, although I need to use the stamps that I have already purchased (there’s that budget aspect). One thing I am having an issue with is that it’s difficult to write on the left page next to the spiral. The spiral is so large that you almost have to push it down to be able to have any kind of legible handwriting. I also thought that the daily pages we’re going to be great for journaling, but I think I get more out of the weekly pages. I miss days at a time and when I try and go back to log things, I realize I had a real plain day and don’t feel that there was anything to log about. 

I think when I choose my next planner, but I may go for something a bit thinner with only weekly pages and the option for other kinds of journaling pages. I still want color though. Lots of color. I might look at the ARC system and get some pages from Cocoa Daisy along with basic pages. 
I guess it is all a learning process of seeing what fits and what you can keep up with. I like electronic to keep up with work and sharing calendars with my husband, but I really do think there is something to the awareness of using your hands and creativity when looking at the week ahead. 

Any thought out there for your experience?


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