Actually doing something I planned on

So, I finally sat down and made it through all of my Google Reader blogs. That 1000+ is so daunting, and then when you see how much is there, it is even worse. I did it, though. Yes, it will start to grow right away again, but at least I didn’t just set it to zero. I flipped through them all, starred what I wanted to star and sent out the email or two. Yay, me.

Next up – getting some of the jewelry that needs to be listed actually on etsy. I know that sometimes it kind of kills my creative drive to do the business end of it all, but how else are people going to buy my wares?

Oh, and I need go finish reading The Hunger Games. If you haven’t read it, it is pretty awesome. I kind of describe it as if Lord of the Flies met The Running Man, but I am sure that doesn’t do it justice.


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