Not truly gone

I haven’t disappeared. I am still here. I keep having all these plans. I know I want to blog more, and I know that I need to express my creativity more. I even have been working on my resolutions (yes, the ones for the new year). Then I look up and more time has passed. I sometimes feel as pathetic as Zoey looks here. What the hell have I been doing?

Well, I did go to the Bahamas for my mom’s birthday. That was awesome. I just keep going back to the thoughts of sitting near the beach at night listening to the waves. Even more with the snowpocalypse lately, I focus on that. This too shall pass (or thaw, fade, go the hell away). I think we are reaching that point in winter when I start to feel a little stir crazy and affected by the season. I need to get something done to shake it up a bit. I decided to rearrange my room a touch. Now my bed is at a different angle, and I am realizing that I have to get used to it for sleeping. It is amazing what a little angle makes for sleeping and floorspace.

Other goals are as follows:

  • finish posting items on etsy. The pictures are taken, I should probably use them.
  • use any bonus checks towards my car and not on little things here or there. Those payments might help me out to own my car (that is currently in the shop for an engine light that goes on-off-on-off without pattern or apparent trigger)
  • get a handle on my weight for health reasons and so I don’t have the belly that hangs over my belly dance skirt. It is annoying, and I want it gone.
  • finish using the kits that I have purchased and intend to learn from. I must stop being wasteful with my space and money
  • date more. If I go out more, then it won’t seem like such an event if I do. I will not put emphasis on it. It would be nice to have a kid the natural way, if not then I will eventually pursue adoption.
  • be more social
  • do not give up!

So that is about it for now. I think it is a healthy start.

Oh, and I am not gone. Just in case you were wondering.


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