New Bracelet Pattern completed

Well, here is the Imperial Lace Bracelet pattern by Sheri Tarrant. I like it. It kind of has a bit of the goth look to it. It is a bit of tedious bracelet to make, but a lot of them get like that eventually. Having to make three rows for length and then do the back and forth thing to connect them did get a bit long. Still… looks cool on my wrist. Isn’t that what matters?


3 thoughts on “New Bracelet Pattern completed”

    1. Hi Allie and Sparkleyturtle!

      You did a fantastic job on the bracelet! This is Sheri from JollyMollyBeads and if you are interested in the kit for this piece, email me at I will be putting all of my kits on the website in the next couple of weeks, so you will be able to get it there as well.

      Again, Beautiful job on the bracelet, it looks great!!

      Sheri šŸ™‚

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