Gesso meets alcohol inks… the experiment

Okay, so there was the question – can alcohol inks be used on gesso to cover up what is already on the tin. The answer – sort of.

I started with the tin and covered it with Gesso. I think the next time I do this, I won’t put the Gesso on the bottom of the tin and possible avoid the sides. It just got kind of messy.

Next, I started to add my alcohol inks. Since this was an experiment anyhow, I was trying the drop technique using compressed air to move the drops around. It wasn’t what I hoped for, so I continued to dab and blend.

Once all blended, it doesn’t have the shine that alcohol inks can have. It looked and felt kind of drab.

I added a rub on and some stickers to decorate and then thought that Modge Podge glossy might be able to spruce this up and give it some shine.

It did this, but it also allowed me to see that my letters weren’t straight (I don’t know why I didn’t use the ruler that I purchased just for the purpose of making sure things are centered).

So, I added some flowers. Nope, not what I expected. Not what I hoped for… but, at least now I know… as long as you cover it with Modge Podge, it sort of works. I also know that poorly placed flowers with Glue dots will pull off the letters and rub on if I tried to remove the cheesy looking flowers.

I will just keep telling myself that this was just an experiment.


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